Cinematic Color Grading Effect in Photoshop | Photo Editing Tutorial

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In this color grading tutorial tutorial i will show you how you can quickly edit your regular photographs into cool cinematic looking photographs.

The actual color grading method takes pretty long time and its worth it but what if sometime you need that effect quickly on a lot of pics then this will help you out.

Its not a replacement for regular color grading in photoshop that can take up to half hour or sometimes even longer. Its just another discount way that can save your butt if you don’t have time 😀

i used mainly 3 adjustment layers for this effect and even in hose 3 1 layers in optional. main layer is channel mixer and also very important, take your time and don’t turn it into cartoon.

i have also shown a way to deal with parts where you need to keep real color and remove effects like on lips… nothings much to it, its like couple minutes effect so i hope you like it.

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