How to Create Cartoon Effect with Pen Tool | Photoshop Tutorial (vexel art)

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This is a cartoon effect tutorial and also know as vector vexel effect. Now it was fun to create this file but oh my, it was nightmare to record tutorial for this, but still i did my best and tried to cover most important part that you guys need to know.

Mostly its about layer management and having knowledge of pen tool. i have fast forwarded a lot of parts but not the eyes and nose, i have shown how to make eyes in real time because in cartoon effect they are one of the most important parts.

I have also skipped body parts and spent more time on face and hair instead. Because once you learn one part others are just like them.

And again, i m saying it is not an easy things to do, specially if you are beginner. So, don’t feel sad or disappointed when things don’t work out as you though, its can be pretty long process so always have patience, and as always if you need any help ask me in comments. i will be more then happy to help you 🙂


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