Gimp – Head in the Clouds Photo Manipulation

Hey everyone! I’m back again after quite a long break. I’ll be uploading tutorials daily for the next two days and thereafter at least once a week, maybe more! This first tutorial and likely the second tutorial are a little time consuming, the third should be quicker.

Definitely like comment or subscribe if you enjoyed this video, next one is already recorded, coming out tomorrow, and deals with creating a custom illustration.

I’m in the process on working on new channel branding as well some other cool things that I plan to release either this week or the next, I’ll keep you posted!

As always if you need to contact me for any reason directly you can do so at Thanks, and I hope you have fun and learn a thing or two during this tutorial. 🙂

Here are the stocks:


I would recommend both Pexels and Unsplash for finding stocks of your own, you could also use but the quality tends to be a little lower with the trade off of a larger selection.