How to Make a Mothers Day Card in Photoshop (Free Download)

Download the Mothers Day Card Template Here

How to Create a Mothers Day Card in Photoshop
Download our FREE Mothers Day Card template and learn how to include your own hand-written message!

Type a Message in Photoshop
To type a message in Photoshop, double-click on the smart object labeled ‘card’. This will open the smart object in a new window ready for editing. Use the Type tool to write a message, then save the smart object. Your changes will automatically update on the final photo.

Use Your Own Handwritten Text
Add more personalization to this Mother’s Day card by including a handwritten message. First, write your message on a white piece of paper. Next, take a photo of the paper or scan it into your computer with a scanner.

Open the photo in Photoshop and transfer it to the smart object labeled ‘card’. To open the smart object, double-click on the thumbnail. Any changes you make to the smart object will automatically update on the final image.

If you want the white background to disappear, change the blending mode of the smart object to ‘darken’.