Photoshop Smart Objects: Hidden Resolution & Scale

Guest Photoshop CC tutorial by Sebastian Bleak showing how to work with Smart Objects.

Production workflow

The main thing you should take away from this is that Smart Objects protect your artwork and retain the original resolution.

My background is in T-Shirt Design/Production and we would receive this type of file often. Knowing the advantages of working with Smart Objects when dealing with image resolution, really helped us meet some hard deadlines because high-res artwork can be embedded in a low-res document.

Hidden Resolution
You can extract your files by digging in the Smart Objects… and crossing your fingers that they hold what you seek =D
Vector Smart Objects are resolution independent and they allow you to edit your vectors in Adobe Illustrator.

Extreme examples, with new documents, to show-off the scaling abilities of pixel based and vector based Smart Objects and their differences.

When you’re working with Vector Smart Objects, you are resolution independent. That means you can scale up or down as you wish.

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