How to Make a Kick Ass Lightning Background in Photoshop

The step and repeat command is one of the coolest secrets Photoshop has to offer. You won’t need this feature every time you open Photoshop, but when you are creating patterns, there is no better tool.
To start the Step and Repeat simply create a shape on a blank layer, in this case we chose to use a lightning bolt. Next make a selection from the shape by holding CTRL/CMD and clicking on the layer thumbnail. This will make sure that each repetition is on the same layer.
After you have made your selection press OPTN+CMD+T to start the transformation. Free transform your layer by rotating, scaling or skewing. When you are done transforming hit ENTER to apply the transformation. At this point you should have 2 of your shape.
To create multiple copies that all have the same transformation, hit CMD+OPTN+SHIFT+T. Each time you complete the keyboard shortcut you will repeat the previous step, this making a Step and Repeat.

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