How to Add a Motion Blur in Photoshop

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Taking An Image To The Next Level:
This started as an incredible image by Daniel. We noticed just a couple small improvements that could really help to give it the magazine feel. The hardest part is always capturing your vision in camera, and Daniel nailed that. We’re just going to add a touch of style and refinement.

Basic Retouching:
To start we did some simple retouching to the image. We used the liquify tool to help mold the hair and emphasize the styling. We also used the clone stamp tool and paint brush to clean up some of the hair around his eyes to give more definition to his face.

Adding Color to the Face:
We did some very basic clean up on the models skin. For male subjects we typically prefer to leave the skin a little rougher and textured, it just looks more natural. The face lacked color for our taste so we used some curves adjustment layers to add a touch of color back to his skin.

Adding Style:
The final part of our edit was to add a bit more interest to the image. We used a motion blur to add an element to the negative space and added some coloring to give it that magazine fashion feel.

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