How to make glowing metal text in Gimp

No stocks/fonts needed. A relatively simple tutorial on how to make hot glowing metal text. Sorry for the lack of tutorial for two weeks, seriously, I’m sorry. On another note, thanks youtube, 5000 subscribers!

The intro should be in .mov format. Post the intro as a video response, but have the aftereffects or vegas, or whatever file saved so adjustments can be made. Also save the .mov file so if I choose your intro you can have it available for transfer. I prefer H.264 compression at high resolutions, widescreen, 1280×720 would be the best. Be creative! All I want it to say is

“A GimpKnowHow Tutorial”

That is all. Music is not required, but it would be cool. REMEMBER – NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL ALLOWED WHATSOEVER.

Thanks! I will feature the winner on my channel FAQ basically saying:
Q:Who was your intro made by?
A: Winner’susername

Thanks to everyone who tries this out.