How to create Bubble Text in GIMP

Happy Belated 35th GimpKnowHow Tutorial Day! This is my 35th YouTube tutorial, I know, I do so much for you.
Anyway, my big ego aside, this is a tutorial on how to create some bubblegum text, with the optional bubbles in the background.
I currently have an Exteel ( obsession, and if you want me to utterly destroy you, my call sign is Grimscynth. (I know, I’m a geek like that). I also have been learning the Miss Murder Bass intro for my bass (by AFI), as well as the “They Say” bass part by Scars on Broadway. (That one wasn’t hard) So I have been pretty busy.

This is like a blog, but not really a blog.
Anyway, happy 35th tutorial day! Eat cake.

Slightly Crazy regards,