LIVE Q&A | 3 Photographers Give Their Photo Tips & Removing Any Reflection in Photoshop

Jump to each question with the timestamps below:

13:50 Why am I having such a hard time understanding how to learn Photoshop? – Wendy from Pennsylvania
16:42 Any tips on removing reflections on shiny surfaces such as car paint, windows etc? – Lain from Toronto, Canada
0:27:18 What is the difference between opacity and fill on layers. The best example of each? – Idus from the Netherlands
0:33:25 How to avoid reflections when shooting my daughter wearing glasses? – Matti from Finland
0:39:35 How do you make the sky pop in this photo, without causing banding? – Rick from Michigan
0:45:58 What is the purpose and proper use of a vector mask? – Steve from Beaverton, Colorado
0:51:26 When you use your brush to retouch areas, do you add noise or grain to this painted layer to blend in with the existing grain? – John from Laguna Hills, California
0:57:40 What color space to you use for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Adobe Bridge so the photo looks the same in each program? – Lisa from Rye Brook, USA
1:04:46 Do you have any tips to make colors more realistic in composites? Maybe 3 KEY tips? – Ahmad from Jordan
—photography time!—
1:24:36 What is your favorite lens and what do you recommend to get. I just started with photography and really enjoy it. – Samuel from The Netherlands
1:30:20 How do I overcome my “I’m just not creative enough, forget it” phase? – Florian from Austria
1:36:57 How can we find out people’s opinion of our work as professional photographers so we can improve? – Gary from South Carolina
1:40:22 How do you know you’re good enough to make money with photography? – Johan from the Netherlands
1:45:09 There is a movement currently against retouching. What are your views? – Colin from London
1:49:13 Could you please tell me how to avoid lens flare with zoom lenses like the Canon 24-70mm? – Elizabeth from Canada
1:50:19 How does one get involved in competitive photography clubs and being a brand ambassador? – Drew from Atlanta, Georgia
1:56:33 What is the appropriate time to use a polarizing filter? – Peter from Florida
2:01:00 How do you best approach and work with models for a photoshoot (some tips and tricks.. ?) – Johan from The Netherlands
2:06:49 Is it considered unprofessional or unnecessary to add a watermark to all of my photos for social media? – Matt from Wisconsin

We went LIVE for an entire week to celebrate one year since we launched our PHLEARN PRO subscription! This is our fourth episode which aired May 15th, 2018. Watch highlights using the timestamps above.