3D Ocean Effect | Photoshop Tutorial ( Perspective Bending)

In this photo effect tutorial we will see how to bend perspective and create this crazy images that we see in movies like inception and Dr. Strange.

Ok, its not that epic and but you can use any kind of landscape and apply this effect, also it looks wicked but when you actually follow this steps, its pretty simple.

Main part of the effect were we bend/rotate the image only takes like 2 minutes, rest is perfecting it. Adding in proper shadows and highlights to make it feel as real as possible.

This photo effect also includes lot of cropping and using specific parts of image so use very high resolution images if possible.

Also aligning the edges can be tricky, even in my final output there are some mismatches. so be careful and also don’t stress it too much.

So i hope you learned something from this Photoshop tutorial and have fun. If you have any questions ask me in comments 🙂

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