How to Make Good Videos Great with AUDIO (Part 1)

The key to a great video is great audio, and in the first part of this three-part series, Jason Levine will walk you through a variety of techniques for using Premiere Pro’s audio tools to mix dialogue, repair noise and other sonic problems, and understand Premiere’s track mixer using submixes and dynamic effects. Find timestamped chapters below. Learn more about this tutorial series: Find more videos in this series: Download free trials and the latest features in Adobe Creative Cloud video and audio tools:

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02:41 Listening to the rough cut, unmixed, identifying what needs to be modified
04:21 Advice on your listening environment, good headphones, for critical listening
05:22 Soloing the dialogue and listening more critically to average loudness
06:24 Selecting dialogue clips and assigning the ‘Audio Type’ via the Essential Sound Panel
07:02 Auto-matching loudness of your dialogue clips
12:47 Using Essential Sound to reduce low frequency RUMBLE
14:57 Reducing 50Hz/60Hz HUM with Essential Sound
17:56 Reducing Noise and your options
21:25 Revealing all parameters for Essential Sound effects via clip-based effects
22:44 Machine-learning/AI powered by AdobeSensei (how it works w/ESP effects)
23:34 Using the DeEsser to remove/attenuate sibilance
25:04 Using the Track Mixer to apply *the same* ESP effects to all clips in a track
27:25 Render/replace workflow via Edit Clip in Audition (for processed noise removal)
30:00 Capturing a noise print in Adobe Audition/denoising via the process effect
38:00 Using the ‘Clarity’ slider (i.e., vocal compression) for more focused dialog
40:50 Talking about EQ, using equalization presets
45:08 The ‘Creative’ Panel (and adding reverb/room ambience)
46:22 Submixing/Bussing via Track Mixer, using compression, noise reduction & reverb
52:38 Using 10-band Graphic EQ and Studio Reverb on submixed voices



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