How to Make a Book Cover with InDesign CC and Typekit | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to sync a Typekit font, then use contextual alternates to finesse your typography.

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your project
All you need is some text to typeset. In InDesign CC, choose the type tool, and then click and drag on your page to draw a text frame. Type your text, and then press Esc to exit the frame and automatically switch to the Selection tool.

1. Open book-cover.indd.
2. Choose the Type tool, then open the Font menu from the Control Panel. Click Add Fonts from Typekit to launch Typekit in your browser.
3. Type a few words from the book title in the preview field, then use filters to browse by classification, recommendation, and properties.
4. Click the thumbnail of a font you like. Then, click Sync All to use the entire family, or sync individual fonts as needed.

Tip: We chose Bookmania because it has a multitude of alternate glyphs.

5. Back in InDesign, choose the Selection tool, then select a text frame in your design.
6. Choose the Type tool, open the Font menu, then click Apply Typekit Filter to see just the fonts you’ve synced. Select Bookmania to apply it.
7. Many Typekit fonts have glyphs you can use to beautify or customize the text appearance. Click inside a text frame, then highlight specific characters or character pairs. If alternate glyphs are available, a blue underline appears with an in-context menu. Click on an alternate to apply it.
8. To see all the glyphs for a selection, click the arrow in the in-context menu to open the Glyphs panel. Double click on a glyph to use it.

Tip: Choose “Entire Font” in the “Show” menu to see all the glyphs available for the selected font.

9. Kern as needed. To do this quickly, place your cursor between the characters to be kerned, then hold Option/Alt key and tap the left and right arrow keys to add or reduce spacing.

That’s it!

To learn, more visit our InDesign Tutorials page:



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