DIY Cheap 0$ Fidget Spinner – How to Make Fidget Spinner without Ball Bearings

DIY cheap Fidget Spinner for 0$ without Ball Bearings, perfect smooth log time spinning fidget spinner.
Items Used
Thick Hard Cardboard 1No.
Glue gun
cellophane tape (transparent and Color)
3 Stones (for weight – you can use anything you have)
Craft Tools (Craft Knife, Ruler, compass, nail, Pencil….)

Mark out the outline of the fidget spinner on the card board by the technique shown in the video.
Then cut out the shape out of cardboard
Now put hole in the center of that cutout fidget shaped cardboard and make sure it is large enough that the pivot stick can roll freely.
Now stick the 3 stones on each end of the fidget spinner on the cardboard using glue gun.
Before that take a piece of cardboard and fold it until it is as thick as the stones place on the wings of fidget spinner. then put the hole in that piece and align it to the center pf fidget spinner and stick the using glue gun. Now place the other fidget spinner shape over top and stick it with glue gun
Now lets prepare the center stick.
just tear a piece of cellophane tape and stick it around the wooden stick so that there will be less friction and we can get long spin 🙂
to hold the Fidget spinner, cut two small pieces of glue gun stick and put a hole into that gulugun stick pieces.
place the stick on the middle of that fidget spinner and lock down each end with gluegun stick.
thats it the fidget spinner is ready.
Do a test spin. If there is more friction then enlarge the hole for a considerable amount.
Now lets decorate the fidget spinner with the colors cellotape.
Thats it
Enjoy your own DIY fidget spinner.