How to Make Great Videos Part 7 | Optimizing for Social Media

In this bonus episode (part VII), Adobe Principal Evangelist Jason Levine focuses on optimizing your content for social delivery. Learn how to create sequence presets for Instagram and Snapchat in square, widescreen or vertical formats, and how to reframe/recompose and ‘re-think’ cutting content vertically. He’ll also show you how to add watermarks/branding to your videos and loudness normalization for consistent sound. The video begins showcasing the Social Publishing Panel and how to become involved in the beta program for testing this new way to publish and track performance of your social content.

Find timestamped chapters below:

01:41 Social Publishing, some history and where we are today
03:30 The Export menu today, codecs and presets can be a little daunting
05:14 The Social Publishing Panel
07:21 Export settings display for the associated platforms, made easy
08:32 YouTube settings, incl. campaign, channel and playlist
09:46 Tags and tag sets
11:12 Choosing the YouTube thumbnail from within SPP
11:52 Publishing options and Scheduling your videos
12:37 Publish settings for Twitter
13:46 Measurement/Stats of your social video content and options for viewing analytics
16:32 The URL to request to join the Social Publishing Panel beta
17:29 Creating content for Instagram (and considerations/options for cutting)
20:58 Instagram Sequence presets in square (1:1) and widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios
24:58 How to make/modify any sequence preset for any social platform
30:00 Editing widescreen DSLR or mobile phone content into an Instagram Square frame
37:20 Creating Vertical edits for Snapchat
42:53 Breaking down how the video was authored, using the Essential Graphics Panel
49:32 Missing Typekit fonts and auto-sync
53:04 Destination Publishing in Media Encoder and using CC to get your videos to Snapchat/Instagram
54:45 Making the export preset, changing dimensions
55:15 The ‘Effects Tab’; adding an overall Look/LUT to your video
56:22 Adding a watermark/branding to your Social videos on export
57:57 Loudness Normalization (making your sound consistent)
01:00:42 Destination Publishing to various social networks in the Publishing tab
01:01:35 Changing attributes when exporting/publishing
01:04:08 Saving the preset with your watermark and publishing settings
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