GIMP Basics -Introduction + Beginner tutorial exercise (How to use GIMP)

GIMP beginner tutorial and/or Gimp basics tutorial. Has an introduction to the GIMP interface and a beginners excercise to get started with GIMP. A great way for GIMP beginners and learning the GIMP basics, basically getting started with GIMP/beginning with GIMP.
Follow the steps and you will learn how layers work in GIMP, how to make a basic gradient in GIMP. How to use the text tool in GIMP, how to change the font color in GIMP, how to make a border around text in GIMP, how to make a drop shadow in GIMP, how to make a border around an image in GIMP, learn the basics about selections in GIMP and layers in GIMP.
All explained so a GIMP beginner will be able to follow it.

For more GIMP basics tutorials see my playlists and see my other videos for cool gimp tricks.

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