POPSIES Puppet Show Trailer – with Dulcimer Music

Bringing back this classic trailer because the green-screened background is created entirely in Photoshop. The complete Popsies Puppet video can be seen here:
Colorful puppets set to dulcimer music. Popsies is an award winning puppet show featuring 11 episodes, set to an original musical score. Popsies is entertaining, educational and helps promote family friendly themes for children including “Sharing”, “Giving”, “Teamwork”, and more. Approx. 30 minutes, available on DVD, for toddler to 4+ years.

Performed by master puppeteer Lara MacLean (veteran of PBS and Disney children’s shows), and produced at the Whole Cloth Productions studio, POPSIES features 11 thematic puppet plays including: Strength, Giving, Love & Family, Building, Hide & Seek, Mothering, Grooming, Happy & Sad, Music, Sharing, and Dancing. The Popsies DVD includes all 11 Popsies videos in a theatrical quality production, stereo sound, a full menu, scene selections, musical credits featuring the puppets, as well as the bonus original Popsies trailer.

See PopsiesDVD.com and Amazon.com.