Scene Matching and Color Grading using Split Screen | Davinci Resolve 18 Tutorial

Scene Matching and Color Grading using Split Screen | Davinci Resolve 18 Tutorial

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In this Davinci Resolve 18 Tutorial, you will learn to Color Grade and match multiple clips using a split screen. firstly select all clips from the timeline. select split screen and select the command selected clips in the right side panel.

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Topic to be covered under Arunz Creation Davinci Resolve

► Scopes
Understanding Exposure, Waveform, Vector Scope, Histogram, RGB Parade, deeper understanding of Clipping in different scopes. Clipping in Highlights and Shadows.

► Primaries Wheels
A deeper understanding of contrast, Contrast Vs Pivot, Hue, and Saturation. A deeper understanding of LIFT, GAMMA, GAIN, OFFSET, Manual vs Auto Adjustments.

► Nodes
Understanding deeper into Nodes, Serial Node, Layer Mixer Node, Parallel Mixer Node, Blending mode in Layer Mixer Node, Basic Node vs Complex Nodes, Compound Nodes, Outside Node, Node Opacity vs Node Key Output, controlling the intensity of Node, Splitter combiner node, Skin selection with parallel mixer Node and Layer Mixer Node, Alpha Node bypass, Blending mode with Layer Mixer Node.

► Primaries Bars and Log Wheels
Understanding of Local Contrast, Deeper Understanding of Shadow, Midtone, Highlight, and Offset. Working with Low and High Range, White Balance, White Balance vs Primaries Wheels

► Reference for Color Grading
Finding References Color Grading over the internet, Replicate reference tone to the websites of our projects –,

► PowerGrade and Stills in Gallery
Grab Stills, Powegrade, Image Swipe, Shot Matching with Neighbour Clips and Selected clips, Lightbox, Exporting Power Grades.

► Curves
Custome Traditional Curve with a deeper understanding of curve and uses, Advance Curve Hue vs Hue, Hue vs Sat, Hue vs Luma, Luma vs Sat, Sat vs Sat, Working with the individual channel

► Qualifier
Working with Selection of video using Hue, Saturation, Luminance Qualifier

► Download Power Grade

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