How You Can Make a Color Changing Campfire in Minecraft Java

How You Can Make a Color Changing Campfire in Minecraft Java

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You can make this Color Changing Campfire easily with a custom resource pack in Minecraft Java. This new campfire can add some fancy fire to your Minecraft base build. You can now build a real color changing fireplace!

✅ Minecraft Colorful Campfire:

Free Notepad++
pack.mcmeta download:

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INDEX – Minecraft Color Changing Campfire
00:00 The colorful campfire
00:22 Working folder with custom pack.png
00:43 Get the .jar files
02:07 Make the assets folder
02:19 Get the campfire files
02:50 Make the folders
03:18 Copy campfire_fire.png.mcmeta to block folder
03:28 Get the pack.mcmeta file
04:19 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
04:54 Edit the campfire.png file
09:52 Compile resource pack and put in game
10:40 Activate the campfire pack and test
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