Its GeorgeNotFound in Skindex!

Its GeorgeNotFound in Skindex!

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You can make this GeorgeNotFound skin using the Skindex Editor. This is a simple but fun way to look just like one of the top YouTube Minecraft Players out there.

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INDEX – Skindex GeorgeNotFound Skin
00:00 Telling us apart
00:18 In the Skindex
01:15 Reset the skin
01:43 Paint the face surface
02:23 Paint the arms
03:39 Paint the body
04:53 Paint the legs
05:41 Paint the soles
05:58 Paint the head
08:40 Paint the shirt
11:36 Paint the shoes
13:27 Paint the shirt details
14:45 Paint the sunglasses
15:47 Save Download out of Skindex
16:13 Change the skin in
16:53 The GeorgeNotFound Skindex skin in the launcher
17:29 GeorgeNotFound in the game


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