Can the Totem of Undying Fly?

Can the Totem of Undying Fly?

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I show you how to add animation to the Totem of Undying in Minecraft. This is a fun introduction to animating Minecraft items and can be used for lots of things. This simple animation is made using the free graphics program.

✅ Minecraft Animated Totem Pack:

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Free Notepad++
pack.mcmeta download:

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00:00 The Animated Totem of Undying
00:16 Make a new working folder
00:30 Get the .jar files and image
02:23 Make the folders
02:53 Get the animation file
03:57 pack.mcmeta and pack.png
04:38 Make the animated image file
10:10 Edit the text files
11:46 Zip the custom pack
12:09 Install and test
13:12 Like Share Subscribe


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