How to get a job @ Disney, Netflix, Pixar | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to get a job @ Disney, Netflix, Pixar | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Calling all students and those getting started in their career! Check out this fun conversation with Chris McPherson from Netflix, Beth Sasseen at Pixar Animation, and Henry Truong of The Walt Disney Company. We dig in on how each launched their career and what they’re learning along the way. Hear what they have to say about interviewing, personal branding, side hustles, and more. What do they look for when hiring? How can YOU stand out.

Hosted by Adobe Student Ambassador Taylor Falls. If you’d like to try creating your own mood board like Taylor, check out Adobe Spark for free (

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More About Our Host And Panelists:

Taylor Falls – Adobe Student Ambassador, University of Alabama

Henry Truong – Sr. Product Designer @ The Walt Disney Company

Chris McPherson – Editorial and Publishing Manager @ Netflix

Beth Sasseen – University Relations Program Manager @ Pixar Animation Studios”



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