Ask Me Anything with Jade Darmawangsa | Adobe Creative Cloud

Ask Me Anything with Jade Darmawangsa | Adobe Creative Cloud

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We sat down with Jade Darmawangsa, social entrepreneur and CEO of influencer marketing firm, X8 Media, for an Ask Me Anything session for our student community. In this AMA, learn more about Jade and how she got started in her career, built her brand and social media empire through YouTube and Tiktok, and her best advice for aspiring content creators and business owners.
About Jade Darmawangsa: Jade is a social entrepreneur and current CEO at X8 media, an influencer marketing agency that works with tech platforms and civic movements. She also founded an incubator program CRE8, an organization that helps creators build long term businesses through blockchain.
With over 500k+ fans and followers, her personal brand focuses on social media growth and motivation. Her content exceeds 15 Million views via YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. She started the millennial entrepreneurship podcast The Raisn Brand in December 2017. Then received “Creator on The Rise” feature on YouTube Trending Worldwide.
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