How to Build the Minecraft Lego Chicken Coop in Minecraft – Minecraft Build Tutorials

How to Build the Minecraft Lego Chicken Coop in Minecraft – Minecraft Build Tutorials

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How to Build the Minecraft Lego Chicken Coop model inside of Minecraft. In this step by step Minecraft build tutorial I show you how to recreate this fun Minecraft Lego set right inside your Minecraft world.

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INDEX – How to Build the Minecraft Lego Chicken Coop
00:00 The Real Minecraft Lego Chicken Coop model
00:10 Minecraft materials list
00:21 The Tame Gray Wolf
00:31 The basic build area
00:48 Making the Legs and Feet
01:03 The Egg collection system
01:40 Acacia Wood Pillar
01:53 Place Yellow Carpet
02:03 Building the 1st Body level
02:51 Building the 2nd Body level
03:38 Building the 3rd Body level
04:13 Building the Head
05:02 Build the Fenced Coop
05:37 Adding Chickens, Poppy, Grass, Torch
06:07 Doing the Water effect
06:38 Add a Furnace
06:59 Add the Chicken Banner
07:46 Adding in Alex
07:56 Testing the Egg collection system
08:35 The finished build
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This Minecraft Lego Build tutorial was recorded in Minecraft 1.17

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