Custom Minecraft Bedrock Edition Texture Pack – How Custom Textures Minecraft Windows 10

Custom Minecraft Bedrock Edition Texture Pack – How Custom Textures Minecraft Windows 10

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How to make a texture pack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition Windows 10. You can make custom textures and a custom Minecraft Bedrock Texture Pack if you know how. It isn’t difficult but there are a few specific steps that need to be followed. In this Minecraft Bedrock tutorial I show you how to make and install a custom texture pack. I also show how to edit textures in Windows 10

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Vanilla Resource Pack:

INDEX – Minecraft Bedrock Custom Texture Pack
00:00 Make a new working folder
00:24 Download a new vanilla resource pack
00:45 Save into working folder and open in new window
00:59 Copy manifest.json and pack_icon.png
01:21 Copy out the texture file
01:32 Edit in Paint net
01:57 How to increase resolution
02:27 Make a duplicate of the background layer
02:45 Delete the parts you don’t want
03:11 Duplicate this layer
03:35 Rotate new layer
03:48 Delete extra parts
04:20 Show all layers
04:31 Adjustments/Brightness Contrast
05:41 Save the file, then save as to png
05:55 Make folders
06:15 Copy png texture file to blocks folder
06:31 Edit manifest.json in Notepad++
06:43 Change the descriptions
07:05 Change UUID codes
07:38 Zip up files
07:53 Change .zip to .mcpack
08:16 Double click to load into Minecraft
08:37 Click Share and activate the pack
08:56 Play and check the new texture pack
09:10 Like Share Subscribe

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This Minecraft Bedrock Custom Texture Pack tutorial is recorded in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.221 but this will work with other versions of Minecraft Bedrock as well.

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