How to Minecraft Among Us Skins Download and Mobs Resource Pack – Planet Minecraft

How to Minecraft Among Us Skins Download and Mobs Resource Pack – Planet Minecraft

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I have put together a set of Minecraft Among Us Skins on Planet Minecraft that you can use on your character through Planet Minecraft or you can download the complete Among Us skin set as a zip file from my website. Plus I have made a companion Among Us Mobs resource pack that has several of the mobs dressed up as Among Us. The Villagers look very funny since they still wear their regular cloths. In this video I show you how to get the skins, how to install them, and how to get and install the mobs resource pack.

Planet Minecraft:
Minecraft Among Us Downloads:

INDEX – Minecraft Among Us Style
00:00 New Among Us Skin set
00:19 Planet Minecraft
00:32 Load a Skin page
00:53 Change and Download buttons
01:16 Where to find my skins
01:49 Log into your account
01:59 Click Change My Minecraft Skin
02:14 Click Upload in on
02:32 Check in Minecraft Launcher
02:58 Download Skin set and Mobs resource pack
03:53 Check out the Zombies and Creepers
04:27 How to install a Resource Pack
05:22 How to activate a Resource Pack
05:55 Like Share Subscribe

This Minecraft Among Us Skins video was recorded in Minecraft 1.16.5

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