I Show You How to Make Custom Mobs with a Minecraft Nova Skin Texture Pack Tutorial

I Show You How to Make Custom Mobs with a Minecraft Nova Skin Texture Pack Tutorial

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How to Change the look of Minecraft Mobs with the Nova Skin Resource Pack Creator. Time to get a new look to the mob skin with a new custom texture pack and a bit of repainting in Nova Skin.

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00:00 Nova Skin Resource Pack Creator Intro
00:18 The Nova Skin Resource Pack Creator
00:47 Where to find the Mob skins
01:15 Opening the Zombie skin
01:38 Adjust the view
02:12 Selecting individual body parts
02:47 Seeing the Overlay
03:48 Using the Eraser
04:03 The painting tools
04:41 The Color Picker Panel
05:14 The top menu
06:26 Painting on the Model Head
08:13 Painting the Eyes
08:24 Painting the Arms
09:00 Painting on the Head Overlay
10:16 Save the skin file
10:34 Make a working file folder
10:58 Make the folders
11:32 Move the skin to the right folder
12:00 Getting pack.mcmeta and pack.png
12:42 Show the file name extensions
12:54 Copy the .jar to working folder
13:10 Open the .jar file
13:34 Copy the pack.mcmeta and pack.png
14:02 Edit pack.mcmeta in Notepad++
14:25 About pack.png
14:46 Zip up the files
15:02 Put the pack in the resourcepack folder
15:26 Activate the new pack in Minecraft
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This Make Custom Mobs with a Minecraft Nova Skin tutorial is recorded in Minecraft 1.16.5 but this will work with other versions of Minecraft as well.

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