Boris FX Optics Review and Tutorial – for Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements

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In this Boris FX Optics review I show you how easy it is to make great photos using 160 filters and thousands of presets with full parameter controls. This very powerful filter plugin really advances the speed and quality of photo editing. Works as a stand alone app on both Windows and Mac or as a plug in for Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic, and Photoshop Elements 2018 and newer.

00:00 Boris FX Optics Review and Tutorial Intro
00:18 Works Stand Alone or as a Plug in
00:37 Using with Photoshop
02:15 Boris FX Filter sets
02:43 Work with Layers
03:10 Workspace layout
03:51 Looking at Color Filters
04:32 Doing a Photo Filter effect
05:29 Looking at Parameters
05:55 The new Sapphire Filters
06:30 Diffusion and Blurs Filters
07:00 Using Sapphire controls
07:28 Film Lab Filters – Vintage
08:04 Grads and Tints Filters – Duotone
08:28 Image Filters
08:43 Light Filters – Lens Flare
09:26 Stylize Filters – Color Shadow
09:36 Using Layer Masks
11:07 Project Reset – History
11:43 Stylize Filters – Pencil
11:57 Blending Effects Layers
12:28 Adding Filters to Favorites
12:50 Saving files
13:23 Using Multiple Filter Layers
14:25 20% Discount Code howtogurus-20
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