How To Find, Edit, Change Minecraft Language Files and Settings – Download Language List

Minecraft uses different language files that are hidden, I show you where they are and how to edit them. If you want your resource pack with name changes to work in several countries you need to edit and change several language files. Free download of the complete list of languages and language codes plus how to convert from hash code to .json files. Minecraft Modding tutorial.

Language List Download:
Notepad++ Download:
Change Record Disc video:

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00:00 Minecraft Language Pack Settings Change Intro
00:25 How to find current Minecraft language
00:36 Why change more language files?
00:56 Download language list from my website
01:31 Resource pack that uses a language file
01:59 Get the code for the needed language file
02:23 Open a File window and type %appdata% into the location
02:34 Go into the minecraft/assets/indexes folder
02:44 Open the .jar file for your Minecraft version
02:59 I am using Notepad++
03:09 Search for the language you need
03:30 How to find the file in the Objects folder
04:10 Copy the file to your working folder
04:19 Rename the file the correct name
04:43 Repeat this for any languages you need
05:06 Check out my video on changing record disc music
05:17 For Questions leave a Comment
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This Minecraft Language Change Edit video was recorded in Minecraft 1.16.5 but these ideas will work with other versions of Minecraft as well.

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