How to Download Adobe Photoshop Color Swatches into Photoshop Elements

You can use Adobe Photoshop Color Swatches in Photoshop Elements with this simple trick.

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There are lots of free Photoshop Swatch sets available online and if you know the right technique it is simple to install them into Photoshop Elements.

00:00 Photoshop Elements Color Swatches Intro
00:15 Open the Color Swatches Panel
00:25 Set the thumbnail display
00:56 Built in Color Sets
01:54 Dunn-Edwards Swatches
02:27 Sherman Williams Swatches
03:16 Looking at the Download Folder
03:43 Loading an ACO Swatch Set
04:14 The Dunn-Edward Swatch Set in PSE
04:24 How to Reset the Color Swatches
04:41 Loading an ACE Swatch Set
05:20 Like Share Subscribe

Dunn-Edwards Swatches:
Sherwin Williams Swatches:

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