To Die in Minecraft 30 Times – How I Spent Día de Muertos 2020

To Die in Minecraft 30 Times – How I Spent Día de Muertos 2020

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Just for Fun – Die in Minecraft, 30 times. Something to do on Dia de Muertos 2020.
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00:00 To Die in Minecraft
00:14 Blown up by Creeper
00:24 Punching a Zombie
00:34 The Zombie has friends
00:44 And even more friends
00:54 They invade my beginner base
01:04 Creepers in the Woods
01:14 Robin Hood Skeleton
01:25 Creeper sneaks up while fighting a Spider
01:35 The Spiders are back
01:46 Watch out for that cactus
01:56 Digging in Sand
02:07 Falling off a cliff
02:17 Lava in an abandoned mineshaft
02:27 I find an Enderman
02:37 Another Enderman
02:50 Creeper in a Mine
03:30 Cave Zombie
03:12 Cave Archers
03:24 Don’t play with fire
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