Fun Minecraft Halloween House Ideas – Carve Custom Pumpkins – Minecraft Java Building Tutorial

Fun Minecraft Halloween House Ideas – Carve Custom Pumpkins – Minecraft Java Building Tutorial

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How to give your Minecraft House a custom look for Halloween with custom pumpkin jack-o-lanterns using a quick and easy custom resource pack stencil texture pattern change. There are three different textures for the sides of the pumpkin, a plain side, the carved side, and the jack o lantern side with the glowing effect. I show you how to carve your own pumpkin to create a custom look then add it to the game using a custom resource pack.
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00:00 Minecraft Pumpkin Jack o Lantern Intro
00:38 Switching to a Graphics Program
00:53 The Pumpkin Textures in Photoshop Elements
01:13 Where to find the 3 texture files
01:49 The size of the images
02:20 Minecraft pumpkin carving ideas
02:46 What color to use for the carved pumpkin
03:08 Brush size to use
03:35 Carving the Pumpkin
04:29 How to save the texture file
05:01 Making the Jack o’Lantern texture
05:58 minecraft jack o lantern recipe
07:18 How to build a custom resource pack
07:51 Where to find pack.mcmeta and pack.png
10:13 Editing pack.mcmeta
11:12 Setting up the folders
13:18 Creating a zip file for the custom resource pack
13:43 Opening the Minecraft resourcepacks folder
14:13 Activating the new halloween resource pack in Minecraft
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