Minecraft Silly Ideas – I Teach My Minecraft Bees to Say “Ya Like Jazz?” Custom Sounds Java

Minecraft Silly Ideas – I Teach My Minecraft Bees to Say “Ya Like Jazz?” Custom Sounds Java

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How to Teach Minecraft Bees to say “Ya Like Jazz?”
In this Minecraft Silly Ideas tutorial we add Custom Sounds to Minecraft by using a Java Custom Resource Pack.
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This same technique can be used to change any Minecraft sound to a custom sound. Recorded in Minecraft Java 1.16.3 but the basic instructions will work in other versions of Minecraft Java as well.

00:00 Minecraft Silly Ideas – Custom Minecraft Bees Sounds Intro
00:45 New Folder on your HD
00:59 List of all Bee sounds
01:14 Where you can find list of all Minecraft sounds
02:20 You can download by Bees sounds list – link above
02:32 Setting up the folders
03:15 Where to find pack.mcmeta and pack.png
05:17 How to edit pack.mcmeta
06:08 Where to place the new sound file
06:49 Converting the .mp3 file to .ogg using Audacity
07:35 Zip up the resource pack files using Windows zip
08:00 Copy the custom resource pack to Minecraft Resource Packs folder
08:32 Activating the custom resource pack and testing
09:19 Watch the Bee Movie!
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