Easy Minecraft Automatic Chicken Farm Tutorial – Cooked Chicken Farm 1.16 1.15

Easy Minecraft Automatic Chicken Farm Tutorial – Cooked Chicken Farm 1.16 1.15

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How to Make an Easy Minecraft Automatic Chicken Farm in this 1.16 and 1.15 Tutorial. Easy way to get unlimited cooked chicken and feathers. Set up then just empty the chest as it fills up.

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I based this build on a great video by xisumavoid here https://youtu.be/tWT_WCTFUvA

00:00 Minecraft Automatic Chicken Farm Tutorial Intro
00:34 Basic Chicken Ranch
00:47 Breeding Chickens
01:26 Looking at the Automatic Chicken Farm
01:39 How the Automatic Chicken Farm works
01:55 What the Redstone does
02:14 Dispenser shooting out eggs
02:32 When a Chicken grows up
02:45 Only runs while you are in the vicinity
03:07 Redstone circuit firing
03:32 List of Materials
03:41 Best video was from xisumavoid, link above
04:04 Finding a spot for the Automatic Chicken Farm
04:27 Adding Dispenser and Redstone setup
05:34 Build the Collection section
06:52 Build the Cooker
07:59 Build the Chicken Coup and Egg Collector
09:22 Add Chickens, if they cooperate
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This Minecraft Automatic Chicken Farm Tutorial video is recorded in Minecraft 1.16.3 but these techniques will work with other versions of Minecraft as well.

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