How to Make Spray-Painted Type in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

How to Make Spray-Painted Type in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

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Add a handmade touch to decorative text by creating a dissolving text effect with blend modes and blur filters. Featured artist: Erica Larson. Check out more of her work here:

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your file:

1. Sync your favorite font from Adobe Fonts before you try this technique.

Tip: The font used in this tutorial is Blenny Black.

2. Use the Type tool to add an ampersand using the Blenny Black font with the anti-aliasing set to Smooth.
3. Right-click the type layer and convert it to a Smart Object.
4. Set the blend mode for the type layer to Dissolve. The change is not noticeable yet.

Apply spatter effects:

1. Choose the Field Blur tool (Filter – Blur Gallery – Field Blur). When you use the tool, Photoshop places the first pin automatically.
2. Move the pin, then add a second pin to the upper right and increase the blur amount.
3. Add multiple pins, each with different blur amounts, to emphasize the effect on the outer edges of the ampersand.

Create a distressed look:

1. Add a layer mask to the smart object layer.
2. Select the Brush tool to add a bit more detail. Choose a Soft Round brush and reduce its opacity.

Tip: We set the brush size to 300 and Opacity to 15%.

3. Paint with a black brush on the mask to reveal the dissolved pattern on parts of the Ampersand.
4. Right-click and convert the layer to a Smart Object.
5. Set the blend mode to Normal.
6. Apply a Gaussian Blur (Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur) to soften the edges.

Tip: We set the Radius to .5.

That’s it!

To learn more, check out our Companion Tutorial:



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