Easy Minecraft Aquarium Building Tutorial – Add a Minecraft Aquarium to Your Base

Easy Minecraft Aquarium Building Tutorial – Add a Minecraft Aquarium to Your Base

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How to do an Easy Minecraft Aquarium Build to put an aquarium in your house or base. This easy build tutorial shows you how to add a realistic aquarium into a wall in your base, how to add plants and decorations, and then add Fish. I also show you some tricks to make the aquarium look as good as possible.

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00:00 Minecraft Aquarium Building Tutorial Intro
00:31 Minecraft Aquarium Build Materials List
01:07 Make a Space in the Wall for the Aquarium
01:25 Add Glass Blocks or Glass Panes
02:59 Add Sand and Dirt Effect
03:28 Add the back and sides to the Aquarium, first level
03:54 Add Water to the first level
04:24 Add Plants and Decorations
05:33 Add in second level to the Aquarium
05:49 Add more water
06:07 Add decoration to back wall
06:49 Add level three and water
07:13 Add level 4 and top
07:34 Check the Aquarium from inside the room
08:08 Grow the Sea Grass with Bone Meal
08:30 Add Tropical Fish and finish top
09:08 Looking at the finished Minecraft Aquarium build
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This Minecraft Aquarium Building Tutorial video is recorded in Minecraft 1.16.2 but these techniques will work with other versions of Minecraft as well.

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