Minecraft Custom Campfire Flames Color – How to make Green Fire in Minecraft Tutorial

Minecraft Custom Campfire Flames Color – How to make Green Fire in Minecraft Tutorial

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How to Make a Green Campfire by editing the animation textures inside of Minecraft.
You can make custom Campfire Flames any color you want with a custom resource pack.
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If you don’t like the normal Orange or Blue Campfire colors, or any flame color you can easily change those by editing the animation texture files and making a new custom resource pack.

00:00 Minecraft Custom Campfire Flames Color Intro
00:40 Create a Basic Resource Pack
00:58 Editing pack.mcmeta
01:12 Set up Folder Structure
01:48 Get a Fresh .jar file
02:31 Rename .jar to .zip and open in a new window
02:47 Find the pack.mcmeta and pack.png files
03:04 Copy the needed files
04:25 What program to use to edit the animation files
04:56 Bring the files into Photoshop Elements
05:40 Changing the Fire color
07:07 Changing the Fire Lit Color
09:27 Changing the Campfire Icon color
10:53 Finishing the Resource Pack
11:29 Adding the custom resource pack to the Minecraft resource pack folder
11:57 Launching Minecraft
12:21 Activating the new Green Flame resource pack
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Custom Title Screen Panorama https://youtu.be/hN-b8_N2wMs

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