You Can Change Minecraft Grass Color in Bedrock – Bright Grass Multi Colors!

You Can Change Minecraft Grass Color in Bedrock – Bright Grass Multi Colors!

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How to Change the Color Map to get different colored biome grass in Minecraft Bedrock. ► Going for 100,000! Make sure you Sub to keep this channel growing! This easy Minecraft Resource Pack project allows you get many different colored grass for the different biomes.

00:00 How to Change Minecraft Grass Color in Bedrock Intro
00:42 Close up look at grass color change
00:58 Start with a new Minecraft vanilla resource pack
01:26 Make a new working folder on your hard drive
01:40 Copy files from vanilla resource pack to new pack
02:32 Set up Folders for new colormap resource pack
03:07 Update the manifest.json file – using Notepad
04:00 Getting new UUID codes
05:05 Editing the grass.png texture file in Photoshop Elements
08:16 Compiling the resource pack into a zip and renaming .mcpack
09:22 Importing into Minecraft Bedrock
09:44 Activating the Resource Pack and testing
10:46 Like, Share, Subscribe

New Vanilla Resource Pack
New UUID Codes

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