Make Minecraft Sound like a Pinball Machine – How to Add NEW Sounds to Minecraft

Make Minecraft Sound like a Pinball Machine – How to Add NEW Sounds to Minecraft

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► Going for 100,000! Make sure you Sub to keep this channel growing! How to Add New Sounds to Minecraft that can be played from the command line or a Command Block. This easy to do trick only requires a minimum of editing a .json file and I walk you through the whole process from editing the new sound, to making the resource pack, to playing the new sound in Minecraft.

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00:00 Minecraft Add New Sounds Intro
00:25 Playing the New Sound in a Command Block
00:37 Finding a New Sound
01:02 Convert to .ogg using Audacity
01:52 Setting up the Resource Pack for the New Sound
02:44 Where to find pack.mcmeta and pack.png
04:27 Setting up the assets folders
05:01 Making the sounds.json file – the code is below
07:43 Zip up the resource pack
08:18 Open the Minecraft Resource Packs folder
08:30 Copy the New Sound resource pack into the game and Activating it
09:12 Playing the new sound with the /playsound command
10:06 Playing the new sound with a Command Block
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Here is the code for the sounds.json file:

{ “custom.arcade”: { “category”: “master”, “sounds”: [ “custom/arcade” ] } }


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