How to Fix a Minecraft Ruined Portal and then Link it to a New Ceiling Portal

How to Fix a Minecraft Ruined Portal and then Link it to a New Ceiling Portal

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Normally you would fix a Ruined Portal to get into the Nether. But you can also use a repaired Ruined Portal to create a new Ceiling Portal above the Nether and link that to the fixed Ruined Portal in the Overworld.
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00:00 Minecraft Ruined Portal Link to Ceiling Portal Intro
00:29 What inventory you need to do this trick
01:04 Fix the Ruined Portal
02:25 Going into the Nether
02:54 Getting Coordinates of the Overworld and Nether Portals
03:52 Looking for a place to dig up to the Ceiling
04:53 Breaking the Nether Portal
05:22 Building a Pillar up to the Roof
06:06 Inside the Roof blocks
06:42 Getting up to Ceiling Bedrock
07:03 How to find the right Ceiling block
07:39 At a usable Ceiling block
07:54 Using the Ladders and getting into the Ceiling
08:34 On the Ceiling
08:48 Building the Ceiling Portal
09:41 Testing the Ceiling to Overworld Portal
09:53 Testing the Overworld to Ceiling Portal
10:14 Preventing Mobs from Spawning on the Portal
10:52 The finished Ceiling Portal
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