Minecraft Nether Bees! Easy Nether Food Source just need Bees, Flower, Hive

Minecraft Nether Bees! Easy Nether Food Source just need Bees, Flower, Hive

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Easiest Food Source for the Nether, Honey from Minecraft Bees! I show you how to move a Bee Nest or Bee Hive into the Nether for a great Nether food source. Besides Bees look great in the Nether!
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00:00 Minecraft Bees in the Nether Intro
00:17 Bees are a Great Nether Food Source
00:38 A Natural Bee Nest on a Tree
00:49 Use a Silk Touch Axe to get the Bee Nest
01:25 Placing Grass Blocks
01:48 Planting Flowers
02:03 Bees will follow you if you are holding a flower
02:10 Placing the Bee Nest
02:40 Need Campfire below Bee Nest to gather Honey
02:57 Using a Glass Bottle to gather Honey
03:06 Collecting Honey in Survival Mode
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