3 Powerful Techniques To CUT OUT Trees In Photoshop (WITHOUT Halos or Fringing!)

3 Powerful Techniques To CUT OUT Trees In Photoshop (WITHOUT Halos or Fringing!)

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In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to cut out trees in Photoshop using three powerful techniques!

This information-packed Photoshop tutorial will be filled with useful tips and tricks that you will be able to apply to any masking job, not just trees!

You’ll learn about the “Blend If” command, and how you can create true transparency with it.

You’ll also learn about the Defringe command which allows you to remove edge fringes and halos.

And you will learn about the tree generator and how you can use it to create custom brushes to give your trees a virtual trim.

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📘 INDEX – How To Cut Out Trees in Photoshop
Blend If Technique
01:30 – Blend If & Channel explanation
02:41 – Use the Blue Channel to cut out the tree
03:55 – Create true transparency from the Blend If blend.

Channel Based Mask
06:02 – Use the Lasso Tool to make a loose selection
07:18 – Inver the channel
07:25 – Use the Dodge and Burn Tool to isolate the tree in the new channel
10:43 – Use the Levels adjustment to refine the mask
10:56 – Use the Minimum filter to contract the mask and remove halos
12:10 –  Use the Defringe Command to remove fringing from the mask

Custom Tree Brush
14:55 – Use the Laso Tool to make a rough mask.
15:18 – Use the Tree Generator to create a tree
16:32 –  Turn your tree into a brush 
17:55 – Use the Brush settings to customize your brush
18:30 – Paint on your mask with your custom tree brush


Blend If Crash Course
► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAMXBYx0r5g&list=PL3bfN-31F9RcsA9rVxmicKuO07kowMdU1

Maximum & Minimum Filters Explained
► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60GysIWun2s&list=PL3bfN-31F9RcsA9rVxmicKuO07kowMdU1

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