Minecraft Nether Hoglin – New Hoglins Hostile Mob – Food and Leather in the Nether

Minecraft Nether Hoglin – New Hoglins Hostile Mob – Food and Leather in the Nether

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In this Minecraft Nether update video I show you the Hoglin. Hoglins are a new hostile mob in the Nether that is also the only native food source. We look at where to find them, how they behave, and how to deal with them.

00:00 Minecraft Nether Hoglins Intro
00:23 Hoglins, Piglins, Zoglins
00:54 Find Hoglins in Crimson Forests and Bastion Ruins
01:12 The Hoglin is a Hostile Mob and will attack you and Piglins
01:32 Hoglins only attack if they can see you
01:46 The Hoglin is a food source and source for leather
01:51 A Piglin attacking a Hoglin
02:08 Hoglins can catch on fire, they don’t like Warped Fungus, Nether Portals, and Respawn Anchors
02:25 Planting Warped Fungus around a Hoglin pen can make them passive
02:49 Hoglins and Piglins spawn in the same biomes, you will see them together
03:08 You can put a Hoglin in a Corral
03:20 You can put a Hoglin on a Lead
03:36 Too many Hoglins in a Corral will become aggressive
03:51 Hoglin Breeding done with Crimson Fungus
04:09 You can’t lead Hoglins around like other mobs
04:23 Hoglins drop 2-4 Raw Porkchops and 0-2 Leather
04:44 Piglins have killed my Hoglins
05:13 Working with Hoglins in the Nether
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