Review of ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimite 2020 – how it compares with Adobe Lightroom

Review of ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimite 2020 – how it compares with Adobe Lightroom

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In this video we look at ACDSee Photo Studio Ulitmate 2020, a photo management and editing app that is a great alternative to more expensive programs like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The kind folks at ACDSee sent me a review copy of this program so that I could show you how it works, I was not paid for this review and the link below is not an affiliate link.

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00:00 ACDSee Photo Studio Ulimate 2020 Intro
00:30 The ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate Modes
01:19 The Manage Mode
03:23 Some of the things you can do in Manage Mode
04:34 The Photo Mode
04:56 Detail Views in Photo Mode
05:37 The View Mode
05:51 Facial Recognition
07:15 Some of the things you can do in View Mode
08:34 Develop Mode
08:55 The Filmstrip
10:05 Develop Tools Tune
11:08 Develop Tools Detail
11:15 Develop Tools Geometry
11:43 Develop Tools Repair
12:25 The Edit Mode
12:49 Edit Mode Filters
13:07 Edit Mode Tools
13:59 Edit Mode Actions
15:36 Edit Mode Layer Masks
16:23 Edit Mode Adjustment Layers
17:25 ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate File Types
19:23 My overall rating of ACDSee Photo Studio and how it compares
21:17 Review Wrapup
21:31 Like, Share, Subscribe

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