How To Change Wall Color In Photoshop! [Pro Technique]

How To Change Wall Color In Photoshop! [Pro Technique]

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In this video, you’re going to learn a step-by-step process for changing wall colors in Photoshop.

You will learn two techniques. The first will be a simple short technique that will be great for jobs that don’t require precision.

The second technique will teach you how to get total control over your image and the colors in it.

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📘 INDEX – Paint Walls in Photoshop
01:20 – Technique 1 – Changing Wall Colors with The Hue and Saturation Adjustment.
04:36 – Create a Vector Work Path.
05:08 – Convert the Work Path into a Vector Shape.
05:27 – HSB Explanation
06:22 – Subtract Front Shape
06:47 – Set Blending Mode to Color
08:06 – Create a Levels Adjustment Layer
10:08 –  Clipping Mask Trick
12:50 –  Subtract From Shape
15:05 – Apply a Layer Mask to The Vector Shape
17:43 – Create a Channel-based Mask

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