Where to Find Gold in the Minecraft Nether

Where to Find Gold in the Minecraft Nether

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In this Minecraft Nether update video I show you the different places where you can find Gold, Gold Nuggets, Gold Ore, and more. To be successful in the Nether you now need to find Gold as it is the only metal in the Nether and is needed for trading, making tools and weapons, and crafting armor.

00:00 Minecraft Nether Gold Intro
00:43 Looking at Gold Ore and Gilded Blackstone
01:07 Smelting Nether Gold Ore into Gold Ingots
01:23 Gilded Blackstone
01:59 Precautions for mining Nether Gold Ore
02:31 Mining Gold Ore in Survival Mode
03:07 Natural Vein of Gold Ore
03:47 Finding Gold in a Ruined Portal
04:14 Gold Hoard in a Bastion Remnant
04:47 Where I found the Gold Hoard in the Bastion Remnant
04:58 Finding Gilded Blackstone in the walls of a Bastion Remnant
05:41 Finding another Gold Hoard in a Bastion Remnant Treasure Room
06:12 On Gathering Gold in the Nether
06:27 Finding Gold in the Nether Review
07:10 Like, Share, Subscribe

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