How to White Balance an Image using Affinity Photo

How to White Balance an Image using Affinity Photo

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In this video I show you how to use Adjustment Layers in Affinity Photo to White Balance a Photograph. This Affinity Photo White Balance tutorial was recorded in Affinity Photo 1.8.3 but will also work just as well in other versions of Affinity Photo.

00:00 Affinity Photo White Balance Intro
00:32 About the Affinity Photo Personas
01:15 Using the Adjustments tab
01:29 Using the White Balance Adjustment
03:25 Using the Levels Adjustment
04:26 Adjusting Color Vibrance/Saturation with the Vibrance Adjustment
05:39 Using the Color Balance Adjustment
07:23 Showing/Hiding Adjustments
07:45 Affinity Photo White Balance Review
08:00 Saving the file
09:07 Exporting to other file formats
08:22 Like, Share, Subscribe

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