Create a Beautiful Dark Green Moody Look in Photoshop! – Copycat #2

Create a Beautiful Dark Green Moody Look in Photoshop! – Copycat #2

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In this Photoshop tutorial, you’re going to learn how to recreate the moody green color effect found in the Lightroom 2020 splash screen cover!

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn in this Copycat Wednesday:

1️⃣ Correct the brightness of your photos in Camera Raw to get the exact lighting you want.

2️⃣ You will learn to use the Calibration controls and the HSL adjustments to manipulate colors and get that beautiful dark green look.

3️⃣ Use local adjustment to change the color of an object so that it matches the rest of your image.

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📘 INDEX – Dark Green Color Grade in Camera Raw

01:36 – Crop the photo
02:20 – Adjust the image’s brightness with Camera Raw
04:10 – Adjust the texture to make the image pop
04:46 – Make a Vignette with the Radial Filter
05:50 – Use the Graduated Filter to darken the bottom of the image
06:26 – Use the Adjustment Brush Tool to selectively darken the photo
07:23 – Adjust the color in the image using the Calibration tab
09:40 – Use the HSL sliders to fine-tune the color correction
12:50 – Change the dogtag’s color with the Adjustment Brush
15:10 – Add selective highlights with the Adjustment Brush     


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● Original Lightroom Splash Screen Photo by George Rotan

● Photoshop tutorial by Jesus Ramirez

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