Halftone Portrait Photo Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

Halftone Portrait Photo Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

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In this photoshop tutorial, you will learn to create a halftone photo effect using photoshop pattern and Gradient. Photoshop Gradient is a very impressive tool to create color grading, Light effect, and photo effects easily. mostly this tool is used to create color grading in photography.

Free Download Photoshop Gradient and Pattern photo effect

Take a cutout photo of any portrait to get this photo effect. make a new document file having dimensions 1280 by 720 pixels. place portrait on it. now make a new circle using hard photoshop brush. create a new empty layer. fill it with white color. right-click on the white layer and apply blending on it. select the pattern file ( which is given under free download photoshop link ) click on ok. set its blending mode to overlay and again apply pattern effect on it but in different directions. click on ok. now again set blending mode to overlay. take a new photoshop gradient map adjustment layer. select the gradient blue to orange effect and your portrait halftone photo effect is ready.

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