How to Find a Bastion Remnant in Minecraft Java 1.16 Creative Mode – the locate command

How to Find a Bastion Remnant in Minecraft Java 1.16 Creative Mode – the locate command

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Minecraft 1.16 Bastion Remnant is a new large structure that is found in the Nether. It is made primarily out of Basalt and related blocks and is like the ruins of a castle. No stairs, but lots of rubble and broken walls. These Bastion Remnants can generate in most of the Nether Biomes, but as with all new features they will only be showing up in new unexplored areas. The Bastion Remnants contain treasure chests with lots of interesting loot but they also contain lots of Zombie Piglins, so not safe places to be.

00:00 Minecraft Nether Bastion Remnant Locate Intro
00:25 How to use the Locate command to find the nearest Bastion Remnant
01:12 The reason why I don’t like to teleport using the coordinates
01:26 Showing how far away the nearest Bastion Remnant is
02:58 Where I found the Bastion Remnant
03:40 Looking inside the Bastion Remnant
03:44 Zombie Piglin
04:01 To protect yourself from Zombie Piglin, wear some Gold armor
04:23 Looking at the Ruins
05:06 Finding a Treasure Chest
05:23 Use a Hopper to get the contents out of a chest
06:17 Teleporting back to home base
06:43 How to locate a Bastion Remnant Review
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